Discover the real meaning of your data with SAT


Go Beyond Reports

Visualize and analyze your big data in a way that reveals patterns, trends, and relationships that reports don’t.

Real-Time Analytics

Engage and Collaborate on insights in real time and in context to reach conclusions faster

Collaborate via Cloud

Upload your data, track milestones, manage project teams, process payments, and improve business operations.

The challenges of Big Data


of companies are cautious in their use of Big Data due to privacy issues


companies believe inflexible legacy systems delay data integration and prevent a single view of the data


of CIOs say turning massive amounts of data into usable business analytics is their greatest concern.


41% companies have achieved faster and more effective reaction time to supply chain issues. Would that work for you?

Or are you one of the 72% that that have launched some form of big data initiative?


Decision Science and Predictive Analysis

Big Data and Machine algorithms not only changes the tools one can use for predictive analytics, it also changes our entire way of thinking about knowledge extraction and interpretation. Traditionally, Data Science has been dominated by a trial-error analysis; an approach that becomes impossible when datasets are large and heterogeneous.
SAT’s team of Data Scientists and Engineers bring a deeper understanding of Machine Language Learning algorithms and Big Data Analytics techniques customized to offer a comprehensive solution enabling businesses to adapt an informed smarter decision-making approach to challenges

Our Data Scientists can show you how to get the most from your enterprise data.

Resource Center

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Practice Overview

Advanced Analytics Practice at SAT leverages the hidden potential of unexplored data. Our customer-centric solutioning boosts profitability, productivity and effectiveness of Client processes and systems.

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Future of Utilities will rely heavily on Big Data Analytics

20% of Utilities have implemented Big Data, though 75% see it crucial for future Success.

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